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Iasi – Top 5 must do

You know that feeling, after you’ve been to a new city, you go home and you’re friends start questioning you: wow, did go there, have you done that, did you eat there and, at some point, you get disappointed because you’ve missed it.

Of course, every city has places to discover at every visit but I’ll try to minimize your answers of: “Oh no, I did not do that either” 🙂

Here is my proposal for top 5 Iasi. As you probably know, it’s a very big city with lots of culture, ecumenical tourism and wine attractions, so it’s very hard to make a short list.

  1. Visit Creanga’s house/hut ( “bojdeuca”); you’ll feel yourself with a great energy, an even greater landscape and a true traditional country house
  2. Have a walk through Copou Park and make sure you also see Eminescu’s linden
  3. Eat, at least once, at Bolta Rece and imagine yourself transported in time, with all the members of Junimea Literary Society
  4. Visit the theatre building, the oldest national theatre in Romania and the second most beautiful in Europe, according to a team of journalist from BBC, that said so in 2015
  5. Visit the Methropolithan Cathedral of Moldavia and Bucovina

Bonus: I told you it will be hard to stop but since these 2 extra are from around Iasi, I will consider it not cheating :)) Try visiting Castle Sturdza, in Miclauseni, and The wine Museum, in Harlau.

With all this checked, enjoy your time in the beautiful heart of Moldavia.

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