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Constanta – Top 5 must do

You know that feeling, after you’ve been to a new city, you go home and you’re friends start questioning you: wow, did go there, have you done that, did you eat there and, at some point, you get disappointed because you’ve missed it.

Well, this is what this is all about. Of course, every city has places to discover at every visit but I’ll try to minimize your answers of: “Oh no, I did not do that either” 🙂

Here are my top 5 on Constanta’s list, after visiting it both in summer and winter

  1. See it, at list once, in winter. “She’s” wild, free and all shades of blue, like never before. If you happen to have also snow on the sea, it will be speechless – you will not know what to do first: walk further to see the entire cliff, take a photo or just stare some more
  2. See Constanta’s Casino – the architectural style it’s different and amazing, the pictures from the seaside, with the Casino in them are also at a big search and appreciated; while in the area, see also “The Genovian lighthouse”
  3. Visit the sea port, from one side to another and also make sure you see the second lighthouse of the city
  4. Visit The Great Mosque and all its details; make sure you also climb the 140 stairs
  5. See the sunrise and sunset


Bonus: if you still have time or you travel by car, stop and see the swans on the sea, in Mangalia

Have a great trip!

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