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What to visit in Timisoara in 1 day, 1 evening, 1 morning

Yes, I know the title is poetic, but so is the city.

Timisoara is the 3rd city in Romania, as number of inhabitants and the capital of Banat, starting with 1716 and the Habsburg occupation. Timisoara’s economical and multicultural growth is still kept until this days and knew another big boost along with the  construction of the navigable channel upon Bega. Economy and commerce took a step further and Timisoara got to be spoiled with the name “Small Vienna”. Although, this name it’s not kept until today, you will totally understand it once you get your walk through the city.

A very important part of the sight seeing in Timisoara is located right in the center area, with the three main squares: Victory Square, Liberty Square and Union Square. At our visit, there was also a flowers festival so everything had even much color and was more festive than in any other day – it was absolutely breathtaking.

What is very interesting to know is that a large part of Timisoara’s centre architecture is very strong connected with the interwar period and the city’s architect Székely László. Every building in Victory’s Square has this influence and if you feel like you’d take a photo of each one of them, them this is why. Across the street from Victory Square, guarding it, you’ll find the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral which is also the highest church in Romania (90.5m) and the highest orthodox church in the world, aside Rusia. The architectural style is a mix of Romanian, Moldavian and Byzantine style and the interior will totally capture you

Continuing your walk, pass the Victory Square and you’ll arrive in Liberty Square, the oldest square in Timisoara, where you can also find the oldest house in the city and a great view above the square from the building near the garrison and the terrace itself will get you to a hall new world. Sitting in front of the oldest house, just search for the stairs, in the left, and you’ll find them 🙂

We started the second day directly in the Union Square, with a delicious breakfast at In Thyme. I can’t tell you exactly why but this was my favorite of all 3 squares. Maybe because of the harmony between every piece of history, maybe because of the mix, you have history, orthodox( Serbian Cathedral and Serbian Parish House) , catholic ( Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral), a great park to play, relax or just enjoy the sun, the oldest pharmacy ( on the corner, across the Art Museum), still kept with the original furniture, the Art Museum, it’s like a small beautiful country inside a square.  There is also a tram station that can bring up to this square so, what else can I say except it’s perfect and I wanna move there.

Charged with this beautiful vibe we went on discovering other parts of the old Timisoara so we headed our attention to the Iosefin neighborhood, its name being given after the King Iosif the 2nd in whose time was founded. Built initially as a village for the german population, it developed separately of Timisoara due to the proximity of the Bega channel and increased access to commerce. Make sure you see The Water Company House, Marshall Palace, Notre Dame Church and the Synagogue from Iosefin.

A bit tired from all the walk, we took a break on the side of the Bega river, watched the boats and enjoyed seeing a different type of drive-in 🙂 ( a guy with a kayak stop and took something from a restaurant). Also, you can take cruises on the river.


For the next morning, we left the visit of the neighborhood where you can find Timisoreana Brewery.  Also, from my documentation, I knew there has to be another synagogue there so we said ok 2 in 1; but the surprise was much bigger and we found another neighborhood to fall for it. After seeing the brewery, we took some steps further and we felt like we stepped through some sort of magic window and travel in the old times. I’m sure if we would have listen carefully, we could have hear Dinica on a pickup ( I recommend listening some of his music). The Catholic Cathedral was amazing, the quiet in front of it was capturing, the tram passing the old lines in front of the cathedral was something like from another era, the buildings clearly taking the test of time until their time of restoration will come, the watch in the square of which I’m not sure it was working, everything left us to enjoy every piece of history and old architecture. And because we had to have a bonus, near our parking place, we found a little Romano-catholic church with a heavenly garden.

So follow our steps and the luck will follow you also:)






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