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Severin fortress. A must stop

Historic insights

The surprise of discovering Severin fortress was huge. A great quiet place, restored at the end of 2017, that still reminds of the greatness of the city at 1233, the official birth of the fortress. Everything here is strong connected even further in time, with Severin roman castrum, in 126 AD. Although the fortress had a very disputed religious history, being run in a permanent succession by either Hungarian kings, either Romanian princes, its role was more military and of protection.

In 1833 the modern city gets registered, bringing Drobeta Turnu Severin closer to the architecture it has today.

The walk through the history of Severin

We arrived in Drobeta Turnu Severin, the residence of Mehedinti county, having in mind just to take a nap and continue our road towards Cazanele Dunarii. Because we didn’t know much about the area, we stayed on the safe side with a quick breakfast at OMV and, in the light of sun and good mood generated by good food, we remembered we heard something about Severin, a fortress and the foot of Traian’s bridge, still being up. Therefore, 10 minutes later we were in the fortress.


Make sure you take every alley and explore every “room”.

On the city side, you will be able to admire also the Cultural Palace “Teodor Costescu”. Given the right light, the palace, along with the fortress walls, will bring you a heavenly image.

On the water side, you will be able to admire Simian Island. Here was moved part of the thesaurus existent on the island Ada Kales. Ada Kales was an island of endless beauty and treasure, flooded on purpose, by the communist regime, in the process of building the hydropower Iron Gates I ( Portile de Fier I).

Finally, Traian Bridge’s foot can easily be found on the fortress side parallel with the train railways. Furthermore, if you continue your road, along the train railways, you will find the ruins of the roman castrum, along with and another great view to the Simian Island. Because a picture can totally take you places, I will let them speak more. Enjoy!



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