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Visit Saint Anna Lake in the autumn

Historic and geographic insights

Located in the Carpathian Mountains, Saint Anna Lake is the only lake, in Romania, located at the bottom of an old volcanic crater. The volcanic massif Puciosu is the one that gave the last volcanic eruption in Romania and Eastern Europe, most probably, 32.000 years ago ( according to Wikipedia).

Placed at an altitude of 946 m, the lake only source of water are the precipitations. Due to the fact that the mountain still has some post-volcanic activity, the weather can be predicted according to the airs smell: if the emanations have a pinchy smell, then the rain is coming; if not, the weather if perfect for walks. The scientific explanation is that when the pressure is low, the gases are heading up to the surface and give their smell to the air.

The volcano had two lava craters At the last eruption, one of them turned into the Lake Saint Anna and the other one into a marsh. The transformation took thousands of years of water accumulation.

The Legend

A nice legend says that in this area used to leave two very mean brothers. One of them had a castle on the Puciosu peak and the other owned the actual lake area. The owner of the fortress, had a very beautiful carriage. His brother, was envious so he bet that he will come with an even greater one. In order for him to win, he took 8 of the most beautiful girls in the area and placed to pull the carriage. Because this work was so hard, one of the girls, called Anna, places a curse upon the evil master. Immediately, an incredible storm had started, with thunders and lightnings, earthquakes that put the castles down into flames. In the place of the old castle, a nice clear lake appeared, today known as Lake Saint Anna.:)


Although you are just at a maxim 1 hour and a half trip from Brasov, you could take the advantage in visiting this location and spend a night at Tusnad.

Interesting facts about Tusnad:

  • the smallest town in Romania, according to the no of inhabitants
  • very known for its therapeutical waters and mofette
  • surrounded by mountains, offering great hiking and cycling opportunities

Lake Saint Anna

Before arriving at the barrier, make sure you enjoy every step of the road heading to this magnificent location. Also, my recommendation is to cross the barrier and go till the end to see the lake first. The ticket is 1.5 euro per person and be prepared to also enjoy a delicious kurtos-kalacs for the cost of about 2.5 euro ( 12 lei). Is an Hungarian traditional dessert, my second favorite, after “gomboti”. Back to kurtos-kalacs, we were very undecided and asked the guy to make it with two flavors and he was nice enough to do it.

Take a walk around the lake, don’t miss the Catholic Cathedral up on the hill and walk “on the lake” with the help of the wooden bridge. If in the winter, you could actually walk on it if is frozen, but this in another story.

Tinovul Mohos

Immediately after the barrier, to the right, you will see a sign to the swamp area called Tinovul Mohos ( Mohos Marsh). Yes, this means you’ll go back from where you’ve parked and use the parking immediately near the barrier.

You will be able to admire the great forest, a watershed and great layers of forest. Once you cross to the bridge, to the mars, the place will be a heavenly surprise. But I’ll leave here some picture, and leave you discover for more.

Entrance to the swamp area

Entrance to the swamp area

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