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Most important points of attraction in Brasov

Historic insights

In order for you to enjoy completely the most important points of attraction in Brasov, I will walk you quickly through the cities history.

With the first information regarding life, on Brasov area, dating back to 9500 BCH, german colonists are the ones that contributed a lot to Brasov’s development. The very good location, at the intersection between the Ottoman Empire with Western Europe, allowed the germans ( Transylvanian saxons) to achieve good wealth and political influence. To have an idea about the mix of 21.782 population at 1850,here is the data: 8.874 Germans (40,8%), 8.727 Romanians (40%), 2.939 Hungarians (13,4%), 780 Gipsies (3,6%), 67 Jews (0,3%), 1.242 others (greeks, bulgarians etc.)


Most important points of attraction in Brasov

Because this city is more than Black Church and The narrowest street in Europe, I invite you to make sure you check on your traveler list, the most important points of attraction in Brasov.

  1. Sunrise at Brasov’s fortress

    I recommend starting with this point, because you’ll have a great view upon the city you’re about to discover. You may easily spot the beautiful fortress, upon the hill, guarding the city. Whether is sunrise, sunset or midnight, the view is great and you feel the fortress watching and protecting you. Enjoy a walk around the alleys surrounding it.

  2. Coffee/Tea stop

    Considering is morning, I think this is also a very important stop. Here is a list with the best places where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea 5 Best coffee shops in Brasov

  3. After the walls

    is the oldest side of the city and the best getaway in the hot summer days

    • Black Tower

      ‘him’ and ‘his” whiter brother were both used as guardians of the city. If you’re not a big fan of climbing many stairs, I recommend you starting with the Black Tower and taking the alley through the wood, to arrive at the upper brother

    • White Tower

      Once here, besides enjoying the great view upon the city, you will be happy to see that those stairs will be taking only down 🙂  At the end of the stairs, you will also find our third point on the list

    • Graft or Gate Bastion

      One of the three bastions preserved entirely to our days( Brasov used to be called “the city of the 8 bastions”); was constructed to assure the connection between the soldiers in the fortress and the white tower

    • Ironers Bastion

      This last one, is the second of the three preserved and is located also on the area called “After the walls”(Dupa ziduri)

  4. Council Square

    This is point 0 of Brasov, close to all the historic points of interests and easily viewable from all the belvedere points, including the White Tower. If you look up, you will also see the mountain and the Brasov sign. I remember arriving in Brasov, as a little child and being so impressed by the mountain actually touching the city.

  5. Council House

    A great architectural monument, located in Council Square. It was used as City Hall during the cities development, according to the “Praetorium” mention found in 1503. Now hosts The museum of history

    Brasov. Council Tower

    Council Tower between the trees

  6. Black Church

    The church had a very agitated history and gets its name from the big fire in 1689, 21st of April. Black Church is one of the most important landmarks of gothic architecture in Romania. When finished, was named the biggest church from Vienna To Constantinopol.

Some interesting facts about Black Church:

  • Is the biggest Gothic style edifice of worship from the south-eastern Europe
  • It has the biggest bell from the entire country, it’s made of bronze and weighs 6 tones
  • It has the second largest collection of oriental rugs, in Europe ( the first one it’s hosted by the museum Topkapi in Istambul)

    Brasov. Black Church. Architecture

    Side architecture

  1. Union Square

    Is located in the oldest neighborhood in Brasov, Schei. This area was the one where all the Romanian population was located, back in the times the Transylvanian Saxons were still representing a … % of the population

    1. The oldest house is at no 3
    2. Saint Nicholas Church: firstly mentioned in papers in 1292, the same yard hosts also the
    3. First Romanian School: many rare documents, as well as the first typography can be found in this museum. The curator and caretaker of this museum has lots of beautiful stories to share with you; he is also a priest in the church so if the museum is closed, you can find him there.Your mind and soul will be wowed by the documents seen here and by the information gathered from the priest

      Union Square. Saint Nicholas Cathedral. Gate. Flag

      Gate to faith

  1. Schei Gate

    Recently renewed, Schei gate was built both for pedestrians and vehicle access ( 2 small arches on the side walk and the big one on the center)

  2. Catherine’s gate

    Sitting one near the other, with Schei Gate, was built by Tailor’s Guild. The name is given by an old monastery that was here in older times

  3. Weavers Bastion

    The third bastion, and the one with the most impressive architecture, at the inside. The bastions where used for defense and protection, in time of war and for depositing goods, in times of peace. If on the area, you will surely observe another great architecture, which is Olimpia Sport Base. More

  4. Sub Tampa

    From here

    • you can see 3 of the towers belonging to the fortress; you can, also, admire a part of the 3000m of the walls that the fortress used to have (the height was upon 12m and thickness between 1.7 and 2m); if you want to catch a good photo of the city fortress, you can climb the stairs on the wall
    • Also, this is the starting point to the Brasov ( the one you’ve seen from Council Square). You can access it by foot ; is a great walk and I recommend you doing so or you can take the easy path, by cable. Once up, make sure you also take the “cherry” path; is the one on the left, taking you higher than the one with Brasov sign
  5. The narrowest street in Europe. Rope street ( Strada sforii)

    With a new face, got in 2017, the street will capture you into its colors

  6. Poiana Brasov

    Is a ski resort that also attracts tourist in the summer, thanks to the beautiful area and clean air you can find it here. Also, the colder air is a plus in the hot summer days

  7. Belvedere Point

    Half way of the road towards Poiana, you can find the most known point of Belvedere in Brasov. A picture here worth’s a thousand words; if it’s taken at sunrise or sunset, it worth’s another thousand so go there two or three times, to make sure it speaks to you the entire story.

    Brasov. Belvedere. Road to Poiana Brasov

    Brasov. Belvedere. Road to Poiana Brasov



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