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Mud Volcanoes, a must stop while in Romania

Imagination and science

The primordial landscape found at the Mud Volcanoes in Berca, totally captured me from the arrival. The dry surface, the lack of vegetation along with the conic formation from the ground, took my day dreaming to the moon. The gas that erupts from 3000m depth, creates mud bubbles inside the cons so the moon or the “ultrasound” is complete. Yes, from time to time, some craters made me thing of on ultrasound. If it will not be your case, than is just me – I must be broken :))

From scientific point of view, The Mud Volcanoes from Berca represent a geological and botanical reservation. Also, scientifically, a mud volcano is a landform created by the eruption of mud, water and gasses. The most important fact about Mud Volcanoes is that they give out cold mud, that comes from inside the Earth’s continental crust layers. Their activity is not driven by magma. If you want to find out more scientific facts, you can visit this page

Similar formations do exist around the country and Europe but are very rare. In the sunny and hot days, the place gets an even more interesting look due to the water vaporing and salt remaining at the surface. This botanical reservation hosts two rare species of trees, at the margins of the dryness: the Nitre Bush (Nitraria schoberri) and the Halimione (Obione verrucifera). Also, the local fauna includes two very rare species: the scorpion and the termite. Both of this aspects contribute to the name of botanical reservation.


Located in Berca village, the access is done quite easy because there are indicators between the localities passed and the GPS also knows its way around. Once there, you will firstly stop at Big Mud Volcanoes ( Paclele Mari). Make sure that after you get amazed by those, you will not forget about the Small Mud Volcanoes (Paclele Mici). The formations are much “quieter” but the vegetation will take you to heaven.

If you are not quite into camping and want to see more of this area, I suggest taking accommodation in Buzau.

Big Mud Volcanoes ( Paclele Mari)

Once arrived, get your ticket from the nice guy in the right, maybe read the sign at the entrance, to remember more info and get ready for “landing” on the moon ( or Mars 🙂 )

Small Mud Volcanoes ( Paclele Mici)

A bit further, at about 1 km away, you will find heavenly vegetation and a great space to spend one or two nights camping. Also, if at the end of your walk through nature, you feel like eating some delicious Romanian pancakes or Romanian dumplings, I recommend ordering them. The nice ladies will spoil your tastes.

Although they are called small, you will see that their diameter is in a totally different area.

Small activity at a small mud volcano

Small activity at a small mud volcano

I hope I convinced into putting this stop on your list, at your next visit in Romania.

Since we are talking about volcanic areas, I also recommend you taking a look at the only volcanic lake in Romania, Saint Anna Visit Saint Anna Lake in the autumn


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