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Madrid, 3 days in this beautiful and romantic city

So you arrived in Madrid and not sure where to start? Here is what we’ve done in our 3 days there. After carefully viewing lots of itineraries and options of visit, packed or not, for family or for hurry travelers, we picked our choices. Aside that, we also had some notes, in case we’ll have more time, I’ll make sure to mention them too. With this in mind, here is our itinerary in images.

  1. Start with a nice breakfast.

    Churros, porras and a great thick chocolate so you can deep them inside. If you’re a coffee lover, take the coffee as well.

  2. Retiro Park.

    It’s the most known park of Madrid and although green is a very good color of it, winter also gives the park a great look

    Retiro Park, Madrid. Parque del Retiro

    Retiro Park, Madrid. Parque del Retiro


  3. Metro

    Before going further, if you want to move faster, the metro is amazing, has great connections and very easy to use. Ok, next on. Since you are in the area, if you are passionate about art, you can take the time and visit Museo Nacional del Prado. So munch art and history captured all in in place, you will just get out beautifully tired. Also close by, you can find Thyssen Museum. We chose Museo Nacional del Prado and were very happy with the choice

  4. Plaza Mayor. Main Square of Madrid is amazing during any time of the day

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  5. Puerta del Sol ( Sun Gate) is one of the most known and busy squares in Madrid, very close by Plaza Mayor

  6. After so much walk, lunch seemed like a great idea and we found just the perfect place, called La Marmita. Try their daily menu or the traditional paella and you will be happy and fed. Also, the serving was great, we came back another day, also
  7. Communication Palace and the ‘Observador’ ( observer)

  8. Toledo Gate ( Puerta Toledo)


    Toledo Gate, Madrid. Puerta Toledo

    Toledo Gate, Madrid. Puerta Toledo

  9. Debod temple is a 4th century temple relocated from Egypt.

    Warmer seasons give a more beautiful image of him but the landscapes around are also great during winter

  10. Sabatini Garden. Aside the beautiful nature and statues, Sabatini gardens also completes the great view of the Royal Palace

  11. Railway Museum (Museo del Ferrocarril) gives you a great walk through the history of trains. Everything was completed by the great experience of having a coffee inside of one of the train’s restaurant

  12. Saint Anna Square

  13. Almudena Cathedral

  14. Royal Palace

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