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Danube Delta – to love and explore the wildlife

To explore the Danube Delta is more just about place and space, is about the miracle of unaltered life happening before your eyes. Whether you choose Mila 23, like I did, Sfantu Gheorghe or Sulina, to explore this Biosphere Reserve, I assure you, you will get amazed with every step ( or boat float).

What you need, is a good host (they are easy to find between the locals because besides fishing, tourism is the main occupation) and a lot of energy to explore the channels. Make sure you take some trips on the great channels, explore the bird species, explore the wild vegetation and be prepared for beautiful surprises. As I was saying earlier, Danube Delta is more about the eye of the explorer than about setting up places to see. You need to take the boat and let yourself captivated. I will show you here just some of the surprises you will be able to enjoy.

From logistical point of view, you have to get to Tulcea, by car or by train and from there, your host will pick you up by boat. You will have to set up all logistical datas before your arrival.

Further more, I will leave you enjoy some of the images that are caught in something else than my eye

Before I forget, spring and early summer are perfect to explore the entire diversity that this biosphere reserve has; also, you will have to make sure you arrive there good rested, because everything that amazes you happens at sunrise or sunset, so not much time for sleep 🙂 But, I promise, is one of the most amazing fatigues you’ll ever have.


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