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Traditional food in Brasov – what and where to eat like a local

If it’s traditional you want to taste, then La Ceaun and Sergiana, in the city center, or Ceasu’ Rau ( Bad Clock), also very close to the center, are must go locations.

As a starter, you should either go with a meat and cheese tray or you should choose something to make sure you’ll try the “slanina”, “jumari” and “branza de burduf” ( cottage cheese).

For the main courses, the trip soup ( “ciorba de burta”) or bean soup in bread are a must, the delicious Goulas Soup you will also love ( this one is brought in Transilvania by the Hungarian people so it’s mostly a Hungarian traditional dish) and for the second course the ribs, the “sarmale” with polenta, the beens with pork or cabbage with smoked pork, will definitely make your culinary Romanian experience, entire.

As a desert, if there is still room, and I suggest you leave some or get back at dinner, to taste it, try  the “papanasi”(cheese pancakes) or “galuste cu prune” ( plum dumplings).

Further, I will leave you with an expanded selection of coffee&tea shops or other places to eat, in case you want to expand your experience. There is more than traditional food, in Brasov, that it’s amazing and you should try.

Important to know

There is free high speed wireless internet in all coffee shops and restaurants, in Brasov.

Weather is to start your day or just take a break from your long visit along the city, Brasov has a great selection of

Coffee&Tea Shops

Pharmacy Café

If you want to enjoy a tea or a coffee in an old pharmaceutical place, placed in the historical centre, this is where you should stop. Drinking from glasses that remind you of the old chemistry class or serving from an old traditional teapot will make your stop a true blessing of your senses.”/pharmacy+cafe/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x40b35b7a4ecfb8d1:0xfe708c3cd5d370b2?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi2ssyw3o7aAhUrL8AKHQijDnoQ9RcIogEwDw

Kafe pub

Close to Schei Gate and Black Church, you’ll find Kafe pub, in an intimate place, surrounded by books and with coffees and chocolate ready to cheer you up and give you another “cup” of energy for the long walks”/kafe+pub/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x40b35b651fb551f7:0xddd4f7842197ef25?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwik1OW_347aAhUMesAKHbb3DX8Q9RcImAEwDw

Croitoria de cafea ( Coffee tailoring)

If you are a true coffee drinker, this is where you should stop at least once on your journey in Brasov.

The guys here will know exactly which kind of coffee you should take home, in direct connection with where it will be prepared ( espresso coffee machine, boiled or any other resources) and the strength and savour will totally wake you up”/croitoria+de+cafea/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x40b35b78a52c434d:0x5ef7c2991d2d47c9?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjantDuvIzaAhUFJ1AKHcQTDPsQ9RcIrAEwDw


Weather you wanna try their water with lemon and cucumber that refreshes you in a moment, taste a good mate or just enjoy the great people that are stopping by, stop at least once at Tipografia. They also have great sandwiches so, for a break and recharge from your route, this place is perfect

If you need more thank a coffee or tea or, is that time in the day, oh yeah, called lunch or dinner, here is a selection of place where your stomach can get spoiled

Places to eat

Bistro de l’Arte

If you want to start your day with a French atmosphere and a Romanian/French breakfast or a specially scrambled eggs, go to Bistro de l’Arte. The place it’s chill enough to give you some air to breath in the sunny summer days but also warm enough by the art all over the walls.

Festival 39

It’s a great intimate place, that combines good music with international cuisine; so, either it’s humus that you want, a nice Hungarian goulash soup or a fried rice, Festival 39 has them and they taste delicious

La ceaun

Placed exactly in the Council Square, La Ceaun offers you a great variety of traditional dishes, meat or veggie lover, great prices and especially good and friendly waiters in a nice wooden atmosphere.


Also a traditional place, with more tradition :), Sergiana waits for you in the Muresenilor street, in a Romanian ambience, with waiters dressed in traditional clothes and music according to a true Romanian restaurant.

Trattorian Artisan Food

Ok, so just because you’re on Romania, that doesn’t mean you’ll eat just traditional old dishes. We, as local, don’t do that either. If you want an Italian place, with home made pastas, great salads and delicious deserts, try Trattorian, in Enescu Square, just at 2 min from the Council Square

Trattoria del Chianti

It’s also a great place to eat Italian food. It’s not located on the center area, so this gives you some headaches on the access but also gives you the opportunity of also seeing some other parts of Brasov, aside of the historical center. The fact that this place is quite full, at the lunch hours, give you a complete idea about the great tastes your about to experience.

Keller stake house

Also in the center, Keller stake house comes with a mix of grill/stakes, great salads and deserts. My personal favorites are K Salad and Keller Cake, with 3 types of chocolate.

Sultan Mehment

It is not quite in your area, but if you want to enjoy a great turkish experience, take your time and walk there. The tea is great, the “sac kebab” amazing, I usually stay hungry just to make sure I can finish my dish and if you wanna go all the way, try also the kunefe and rice with milk, for sweet. Your senses will feel very spoiled.

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