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Top 5 must do in Brasov

You know that feeling, after you’ve been to a new city, you go home and you’re friends start questioning you: wow, did go there, have you done that, did you eat there and, at some point, you get disappointed because you’ve missed it.

Well, this category is what this is all about. Of course, every city has places to discover at every visit but I’ll try to minimize your answers of: “Oh no, I did not do that either” 🙂

As already set, Brasov is my home city and still surprises me with every step so it’s very hard for me to make a Top 5 not to miss but I’ll do my best.

  1. Go see the city from above, from the Brasov sign would be best and if you’ll take the road by foot, you’re going to absolutely love yourself. The other points of belvedere work as well: Belvedere Poiana Brasov, Brasov City Fortress, White&Black Tower but the must do it’s the Tampa peek, either by foot, either by cable ( don’t say I didn’t tell you ))
  2. Have a tea or coffee at Pharmacy Caffe – the place it’s amazing and you’ll feel completely charmed by the old pharmaceutical air
  3. Try the traditional food: Been/trip soup, ribs, the famous “mici” or polenta with something and some “papanasi” for desert. You will not regret it – yes, our traditional kitchen it’s heavier then most, we don’t eat like that daily but give it a chance, you’ll love it. Oh, before I forget, the soup must be with onion salad
  4. See the narrowest street in Europe, cross it from one side to another and take a picture in it
  5. See the first Romanian School and while here, you already are in the Union Square and you have also Saint Nicholas’s Cathedral, there so you’ll have a 3 in 1 advantage


With all this checked, you’re ok until your next visit.

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