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5 Best coffee shops in Brasov

Whether you’re a coffee addict, like my boyfriend, or just a spoiled one, like me ( I drink my coffee with milk, sugar, probably also a flavor, if available :)) here is a a list with 5 Best coffee shops in Brasov:

  1. Croitoria de cafea ( Coffee tailoring)

With a great passion for coffee, that comes from the owner and is being passed to the great people that are there to prepare your coffee just perfect, this places waits for you at Iuliu Maniu, No. 17. You can enjoy your coffee inside or take it on a walk. If it’s sunny enough, I recommend you  having it on the comfy cushions outside. Since the place is like a relaxing room for coffee lovers I suggest sitting there. If the coffee convinces you, and it will, you can also take a pack of freshly roasted coffee, home, with you. I talked to Ioan but I am sure any one of his colleagues will recommend you the best choice for you. You can also find them here

2. Nola Coffeeshop

The younger sister of Croitoria de cafea,  Nola Coffeeshop, awaits you just a few steps from Black Church. Once here, you will be very charmed by the baristas energy. Just like in the other location, you can feel that she loves what she’s doing. This passion is strongly connected with the owner, who opened this business out of passion for coffee and took the same kind of people to work beside him. They consider him a friend or colleague and they are there just to help you find new meanings in your cup of coffee. At Bianca’s suggestion, I tried my coffee also without sugar and you know what? It was delicious.  Oh, I almost forgot: Nola means bell, in case you were wondering 🙂 More beautiful stories you will find out directly in their location:


3. Tipografia

With a great atmosphere, people hanging at tables like in a big living room where you all know each other, Tipografia is located right in the heart of the city and, besides coffee, they also have a great selection of sandwiches and good refreshing water; if it seems odd I mention their water, just take my advice, go there and try it, you will understand what I am saying. Of course, they also have wireless and you can spend couple of hours there to get your work done. I recommend the place more for the friendly atmosphere and the feeling of a group exchanging experiences, is why you are here. If you want to see more of this place or their events, take a look here



4. Kafe Pub

If an intimate place is what you’re looking for, with chairs where you get to comfortable to leave and immerse yourself in a good book, then Kafe Pub is the place for you. The old Parisian mood will take you inside from the entrance and disconnect you from the rest of the world. I’ll leave enjoy your coffee and good book. Even more, if just sit, relax and enjoy the diversity of life before your eyes, is what you want, than take the place at the window 🙂 I leave you pics with some tips of sitting 🙂

5. Pharmacy Cafe

Another original place, located still in the heart of the city, steps from Council Square, is Pharmacy Cafe. A place that transfers you in an old pharmacy, well equipped with stuff you might remember from the chemistry class. Coffee or tea, you will love the filling as much as the “wrapping” 🙂 I leave you some pictures to understand better what I’m saying. You can find them at Weiss, No 13 and here

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